Tablet Head Unit Install with Android, Torque App Bluetooth OBDLink MX+ OBD2 BEST Ford F350 Radio

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Wiring harness:
OBD2 Bluetooth Module:
OBD Mini (works the same as the $99 version for $13)

You're looking at Doc Holliday, the new ambulance camper conversion build series. If you saw the Manbulance series, then you know this build is going to be even more off the chain than the last one. Powered by the legendary 7.3L Powerstroke diesel, this 4x4 Ford F350 that only has 43k miles on the clock is the perfect candidate for William's build. If you want to see magic happen, then stick around as the upgrades are taking place while you read this. If you like schoolies, camper vans, shuttle buses or any time of camper conversion that stick around, we have a lot of great content in store for you!

This episode William installs the Android powered tablet radio that will also display his gauges via the OBD port via bluetooth capabilities. William reviews all of the in-depth procedures, pitfalls and minor hacking needed to complete this easy head unit radio installation on this Ford F350.
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